This electronic book is dedicated to my present and future family generations with a special remembrance of all the past generations who made this publication possible.

I acknowledge and give sincere thanks to all the people, too numerous to mention here, who inspired me and without whose help much of the information presented I would never have found.


When family history based on genealogical records is coupled with family history based on our paternal and maternal genetic data, together they answer the family historians basic question – Who were my ancestors and where did they come from?

This ongoing study of the branches of my ancestral family tree involves three primary areas of research that when tied together ultimately validates my family history during the surname and pre-surname era.

The first area of research, started in November 1996,  is to generate a pedigree based on primary and secondary genealogical sources that document proven family connections and locations for each generation, thus proving written family history during the surname era.

The second area of research, started in April 2002, is to identify paternal and maternal genetic hereditary data through testing and compare it to other genetically tested cousins who have a pedigree to our common ancestor. This will identify our common ancestors genetic signature and his three son’s, Peter Jr., John and James, proving our relationship to Peter Staple beyond any shadow of a doubt. This research is being carried out through the Peter Staple Heritage Group (PSHG).

The third area of research is comparing paternal and maternal genetic hereditary data to published scientific papers involving human genetics, paleontology, archaeology, linguistics, and history, to identify paternal and maternal pre-surname ancient ancestral groups or clans, their migrations, cultural changes and eventually develop a time-line through history and pre-history going back thousands of years.

Arthur B. Staples, Jr.



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Examples of Primary and Secondary Information.

I-1 Origin Of The Surname STAPLE:

  1. Background: The surname Staple; Early Human Origins in Europe & Asia; Staples Surname & DNA Project
  2. English Place Names with Staple in their Name, by County
  3. Number of Staple Marriages by County from 1538-1700
  4. Early Staple’s in England
  5. Early Staple’s in France
  6. 11 Unsolved Mysteries

I-2 Recorded Family History:

Generations 1 through 13, with sources, historical notes and the PDF format of newsletters from the Staples Family History Association.

I-3 Grandparents Pedigrees:

Staple/s – Wood/s & Boyd – Cann pedigrees.

Lost Great-Grandparents lineage.

I-4 Research Notes:

A brief history of the Piscataqua Plantation.

Notes relating to the ancestry of Peter Staple of Kittery.

Research based on Y-DNA information.

Research in England including – Research Reports by County.



When I first became interested in DNA testing (2002) as a family historian DNA was defined as a tool used for genealogical study. By 2012 there was a noticeable change taking place within the genetic science world with the use of surnames and genealogical records as tools for DNA studies.

I believe that this growing change is due to the increasing number of new Y-DNA SNP’s that are being discovered thru genetic medical project studies accompanied by the large number of family historians that have been testing for positive new SNP’s in search of their family terminal SNP. Now new studies by population geneticists using Surnames, Genealogical family Records and SNP results for population studies will give us a better understanding of our family migrations from pre-history times into our historical present.

II-1, Autosomal DNA: NGS, Genographic Project, GENO 2.0 test results.

A geographical – population study using the complete genome of my first six generations.

Hominid Ancestry Study.

II-2, Paternal Y chromosome (Y-DNA): GENO 2.0 & FTDNA test results.

The results of STR & SNP results including genealogical Y-DNA lineage of me and my Father.

SNP results identifying ancient ancestral group migrations.

II-3, Maternal Mitochondrial (mtDNA): GENO 2.0 & FTDNA FGS test results.

Full Genome Sequence (FGS) and genealogical mtDNA lineage back to Canada of my Mother.

The discovery of ancient ancestral family group migrations.

II-4, Paternal Grandmother mtDNA: FTDNA test results

HVR1 & HVR2 and genealogical mtDNA lineage back to England of the mother of my Father.

The identification of ancient ancestral family group migrations.

II-5, The mtDNA study of my Wife: (A work in Progress.)

II-6, Autosomal DNA X-Match test results;

Autosomal DNA X-match with a newly found 2nd Cousin 1 time removed.



III-1, Disclaimer

III-2, Copy Notice